I’m leaving Stoas learning because I found a new challenge at Easy generator

After four years I have decided to leave Stoas, I found a challenge I could not resist at EasyGenerator. However, it is with mixed feelings; it is as the French say “Partir c’est mourir un peu” (Leaving is dying a bit). I had a great time at Stoas. I never had a job where I met so many great and interesting people.  Colleagues, partners, and customers, I want to thank you all for great inspiring discussions and conversations.  I learned a lot and had fun doing it. It was a great time and I hope to keep in touch with you all.

The challenge that lured me away from Stoas is to make a good e-learning authoring tool even better. As it happens, I have a history in authoring systems, I have been the founding father of two of them (Seven Steps and Writeplace). Therefore, if I encounter an authoring tool I always have an extra interest and this time I really liked what I saw.

This led to a series of interesting conversations with the people of ISM (the mother company of Easy generator). We came up with an ambitious plan: the goal is to make Easy generator one of the leading e-learning authoring systems in the world. The first step was to split of Easy generator from Sana software and put it in a new entity: Easy Generator. I have the honour of becoming the CEO of this company.

That is the challenge I could not resist. I am looking forward to work with the team in the Netherlands and the Ukraine. I am convinced that we will reach our ambitious goal. I will start on December the first, at the online Educa in Berlin. Maybe we will meet on my first Easy generator working day? Otherwise you can reach me on my new email address K.Spiro@EasyGenerator.com

To be continued…….


  1. Hi Kasper,
    Congratulations with this new challenge. I can see this really is a great fit with you. Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future. It is a real joy working with you. EG is lucky to have to most energetic CEO in the world (apart from steve balmer:)).
    All the best, Joost


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