CEO of Easygenerator

This week I have attended a seminar about change management. The speakers were all leading men from the Dutch field of change management (Boonstra, de Caluwe, Wierdsma, Homan and Peters). For me Jaap Peters was the one I knew the least of, but he turned out to be the most surprising and inspiring. I noted some great quotes from him.  The title of this blog was one of them.

I find this quote interesting because it reminds you that people have very different views on change. For me I live by change, but for others it’s odd. This is a great reminder.

“You can push guild around, but you can’t do that with shame” was on other one. And it’s true. You can try to blame someone else, but if you are ashamed that’s personal, that’s from you. Real change originates from people who are changing. Therefore professional shame is a great motivator for change.

“McDonald’s is the world largest restaurant and they don’t have a single cook”. They have replaced people and passion, with rules and equipment. It’s true that your burger taste the same in every restaurant, but you never will get an exceptionally good burger. It’s people who make great quality, not rules.

The last one I wanted to share with you is “Where there are no rules there is attention” He illustrated this with a video clip ‘self-organization in Hanoi traffic. ‘It shows that if you let people think for themselves it turns out great.

Thanks Jaap for this inspiring session.

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