The most beautiful office in the world!

This week I visited Giunti Labs, we represent them in the Netherlands and Belgium.  They have beautiful products (LearnExact, Hive, EPMS) but their office is even more beautiful and the location is spectacular.

We flew from Eindhoven to Pisa. From there we took the train to Sestri Levante where the office is located. On our way to Sestri Levante we made a stop in Varnazza, one of the 5 villages of cinque terra. Of course it was of season so all restaurants and bars were closed.

We managed to buy a slize of pizza and a beautiful wine. We had our late lunch outside on the town square/harbour. That’s my idea of teambuilding and really not a bad way to spent a sunday afternoon. I had been here before but of season with 4 colleagues is a different experience, I can recommend it to every one.

After this you know that this had to be the highlight of the trip. But then we arrived in Sestri Levante, an other beautiful  town. The town is located ad the Mediterranean Sea and has two bays: Baia delle Favole, (Bay of the Fables), and Baia del Silenzio, the (Bay of Silence). The bay of silence is famous because Marconi did his first Morse experiments from this bay.

In the middle is the oldest part of Sestri Levante  located on a peninsula, with the bays on each side. This images was actually our view from the hotel we stayed in (Vis a Vis). The Giunti Office is located on the peninsula at the bay of silence, and they have the most beautiful building.  It is an old  monestery.


Not bad at all, and quite different from our own office.

Oh, by the way. We met great people,  had an excellent sales training, got some ideas that will probably will change Stoas forever. But I might write about that later. For now I just want to thank Carin, Federico, Fabrizio and all the others for a great and inspiring visit.



  1. Dear Kasper, it was a huge pleasure for us to spend some days together with you and your colleagues here @ Giunti Labs, in “the most beautiful office in the world” 🙂

    Thank you so much for coming and see you soon!


  2. dear Kasper,
    I’m glad you enjoyed Liguria and our Sestri Levante offices.
    Next time you come over I’d be very happy to host you in our Group HQ, a famous 13th century building in Florence.
    I’m looking forward to your next visit.
    Tot ziens,


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