CEO of Easygenerator

On October 23rd, 2013 Easygenerator launched the first (free) edition of Easygenerator at DevLearn in Las Vegas. It means we turn 6 today. 

The problem that we set out to solve was that the creation of learning content is too slow, too expensive and that it is very hard to keep it up to date. Our solution is to give subject matter experts responsibility for the creation and maintenance of learning content. We call this Employee-generated Learning. 
For this approach, we needed a simple e-learning authoring tool that could be used by subject matter experts. We had a couple of simple requirements:

  1. Easy to use, no training required
  2. Supports authors in making effective learning
  3. 100% SaaS 
  4. Tincan (now XAPI) enabled.

    That is what we went for and six months later we were able to launch and it looked like this:

If you want to see how Easygenerator looks now, check us out. 

Before the launch I presented Easygenerator to e-Learning tool guru Joe Ganci:

I am excited to see what Easygenerator has created. Here’s a tool that encourages proper eLearning design and development by tying together the important elements of learning: set up your objectives, deliver your learning in small nuggets, and test learners. The interface is inviting and simple and best of all, Easygenerator is free! It takes into account modern needs, such as HTML5 and Tin Can tracking, and does a lot of the work for you. While it doesn’t replace more powerful tools at the moment, I welcome Easygenerator’s new tool as a wonderful way of ensuring better learning occurs.

Joe Ganci October 2013

That made me proud and it turned out to be the foundation of our company. We are now 6 years on. After the Free plan we launched our paid plans and with that Easygenerator has now become a company with 1000 customers in 50 countries and over 40 incredible employees. Now I’m even more proud.

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