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Last month, I required a surgical intervention during which my worn-out shoulder was replaced with an artificial one. During the final preparations, one of the medical staff asked me which shoulder I needed to be operated on and I told her it was the right-hand side. She then got a marker pen out and drew a big arrow on my right forearm pointing towards the shoulder.

This was to make sure I had surgery on the correct shoulder, I immediately loved the effectiveness of this solution. By delegating the decision on which arm to draw the arrow to me as the patient, the hospital also more than likely covered itself against a future malpractice claim. A solution brilliant in its simplicity.

After doing a little more research, I discovered there’s actually a term called Wrong Side Surgery or WSS. It refers to surgical operations performed on the incorrect side of the body. Although I couldn’t find out the exact origins of the excellent marker pen solution (leave me a comment if you happen to know), I still think it’s one of the ‘best’ best practices that I’ve come across. I love it!

These best practices are crucial ingredients when it comes to performance and workplace learning. The way Easygenerator allows informal knowledge to be shared across organizations makes sure that internal best practice is captured and spread as effectively as possible.  

Indeed, along with its content curation facilities, gathering best practices is one of Easygenerator’s top features when it comes to informal learning. It provides subject matter experts with a powerful tool for sharing their knowledge in the easiest and quickest way possible.

Drawing an arrow on my forearm was certainly simple and fast. But most importantly (and thankfully!), it was also extremely effective – exactly the type of best practice Easygenerator wants to help capture.

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