CEO of Easygenerator

Easygenerator has just won the golden “Excellence in e-Learning” award at the 2018 CLO Learning in Practice Awards, presented by Chief Learning Officer magazine. Winning this award is an incredible honor for Easygenerator and a major milestone for our “Employee-generated Learning” approach. It’s also a great moment for some reflection.

CLO award kasper SpiroThe Problem and the Solution

We all know that creating learning content takes a lot of time and money. But possibly an even bigger problem is that it is almost impossible to keep learning content up to date once it has been published. I have been searching for better ways of creating and maintaining learning content since my very first e-Learning content project. At first, I looked at a faster way of creating content and started writing about agile e-Learning development. I still believe that this is a huge improvement over the classic ADDIE model, but it is not the solution. The core of the problem is that the people creating the content (the instructional designers) do not own the knowledge. That knowledge lies with the subject matter experts (SMEs). Because of this, the process is always indirect and slow. Therefore, the solution is to enable the people with the knowledge (the SMEs) to create and maintain the learning content themselves. And that is what we’ve been working on since 2013.

Only the Beginning

Our very first corporate customer was the global information and measurement company Nielsen. Four years ago, they were the first major company who believed that our approach and our solution could change the way they create and maintain learning content. So it was only right that we used the Nielsen business case in our application for the Excellence in e-Learning Award.

Over the past four years of working with Nielsen, our concept of Employee-generated Learning, as well as our authoring tool, have continued to mature. After Nielsen, many other large corporates have followed. Our revenue has at least doubled every year for the last four years, a clear indication that we are doing something right. But to receive such a validation from Chief Learning Officer is truly an honor. And although we believe this is only the beginning of something much bigger, it is an important milestone to celebrate. I want to thank our growing Easygenerator team for being part of this journey. And I want to thank our 1,000+ customers who believe in our vision, our solution, and our company. I’m proud to be the CEO of such a cool company and I feel privileged to be allowed to guide it on this exciting journey.

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