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We launched the free edition of our on-line eLearning authoring tool November 1st at DevLearn. This week we registered user number 1.000. This post is to celebrate that first milestone. This post also contains information on extra functionality we will make available to the users of the free edition in the coming period and some facts and figures about those users.

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We had a lot of contact with the users of the free edition. We have a community in Yammer and we have at least two webinars per week to get them started. Based on the feed back we received we decided on some future changes for the free edition. The highlights are:

The free edition has a fixed look and feel, which is branded in the easygenerator style. We will change this and create a look and feel which is more neutral. In easygenerator you can set the look and feel by applying master pages. In collaboration with our partners we will offer a series of master pages. There will be a number of master pages with a fixed unbranded look and feel, we will have master pages where you can do limited branding (your own logo and background image) and we will offer the ability to use customized master pages. These options will probably be available in January or February and can be purchased for a one time fee.

Question types
The current free edition has three question types. We are currently rebuilding all question types from flash into HTML. In the first half year of 2013 these HTML based question types will become available and will be a part of the free edition.

Extra space
In the free edition you are allowed to create 10 courses and your repository is limited to a maximum of 250MB. Next year we will offer upgrade programs that allow you to create more courses and have a larger repository.

User base
I also want to share some information on the user base. At this moment we have 1077 users, spread over 6 continents and 71 countries. 51% is from the United States, followed by The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Continent Graph

As far as we know about 45% of all users are from corporations and 20% has an educational background. About 10% of all users works for an eLearning company. The rest is from governmental organizations, Non Profits, Student or Unknown to us.

We are very exited about the interest in this edition. When we launched it we really didn’t know what to expect in terms of numbers and types of users. The response has exceeded our expectations and we are curious where this will take us next year. In case you are interested you can register and activate within minutes. Just click here to go to the form.

October 12: easygenerator to release the free edition of her authoring tool

Easygenerator has decided to launch the free edition of her authoring tool on October 12th. From that day on it will be possible to go to the easygenerator website, fill in a form and start working in easygenerator within a minute. This edition is completely free of charge and without any time limits. If you’d like, you may preregister now at (you will receive your login instructions by email before the official launch). After the launch this page will become a subscription page where you can fill in your details, submit them and start working right away.

This blog post will give you an overview on what you can expect from this free edition. There is a lot more to tell than I can put in this blog post, so I placed some links to relevant pages in the easygenerator website with videos and presentations that provide more detail.

Click the image to go to the pre-registration form

Click the image to go to the preregistration form and read more about the free edition.

SaaS service
Easygenerator is a SaaS solution, all data is securely stored on web servers and is accessible anyplace, anywhere and anytime. There is already a lot of interest for this edition, there are hundreds of preregistrations already. There will be servers located in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia to support all these users. The authoring interface of easygenerator is a Windows application, so you will need a computer with Windows to run it. That said, the courses you create with easygenerator can run on any kind of computers, browser, or mobile device.

Complete eLearning courses
This free edition will enable you to create complete eLearning courses. It will contain the ‘What You See Is What You Get interface’. With the free edition of easygenerator you can create publications in SCORM 1.2 and in HTML, allowing you to run the courses through your LMS and on mobile devices.

Didactical approach
Improving the quality of eLearning courses is easygenerators goal. Therefore the options concerning the Learning objectives, branching and adaptive learning are included.

PowerPoint import
The free edition will have the PowerPoint import tool, enabling you to import your courses made in PowerPoint into easygenerator and use the texts and images as a starting point for a ‘proper’ eLearning SCORM or mobile course. PowerPoint animations will not be imported, but you can build them in easygenerator with our timeline function.

External review
The external review option will also be included. From the authoring environment you are able to send an invitation to anyone through email and they will get access to your course through the easygenerator web server. The course will look and function completely just as the learner would see it, but the reviewer will have the ability to include comments on each page. These comments will automatically become available inside the authoring environment for the author.

There is a lot more to discover. You can embed web based content such as YouTube videos, create question pools and mor and reuse content. The free edition has some limitations in comparison to the subscription edition. You can only have a single account (so you can’t use our collaboration options) and there is a maximum of 10 courses per author. An overview of these limitations can be found on , this page also contains the form to preregister for the free edition.

In order to help new users to a quick start there will be a series of free introduction webinars. People who preregister for the free edition you will automatically receive an invitation for one of these webinars. You can see an overview of the webinar dates and time slots at this page.

Why Easygenerator will launch a free edition of her authoring software

In a few weeks’ time easygenerator will make a big step towards meeting her mission to change eLearning. We are in the final stages of launching a free edition of easygenerator; it will be available in the first half of October. The official launch will be at November 1st at the DevLearn conference in Las Vegas. In this post I would like to explain why this is such a big thing for us and hopefully for the e-Learning community.

The formal announcement of the launch of this free edition will be made through the easygenerator blog and website, so will all the details of available functionality. The table below shows you the main differences between the free and the subscription edition.

The main differences between the free and the subcription edition

You can read more details at our website, you can also preregister. If you register you will receive an automatic notification when the free version is available you will receive an automatic notification and instructions how to activate.

As said I want to focus on the reasons for bringing out this edition in this post. There are two main reasons.

Changing eLearning
Our mission is to change eLearning. With change we mean better and more effective eLearning. The free edition will have all of the adaptive features we developed in the past year. It allows authors to develop complex adaptive eLearning courses in a very simple way. Easygenerator’s approach places learning objectives in the heart of every eLearning course. This leads to better didactical design, courses that will adapt to the individual learning need of each learner and it has a big impact on the quality of your tracking, tracing and reporting. All of these are important things in improving the quality of eLearning courses. We are very proud of our platform and we believe that it can pave the way to the next generation of eLearning. On top of this we will release our new Flex-Learning approach in December. It will change the way eLearning courses look and how they can be used. It is the first step away from hierarchical book-like structures for eLearning courses.

Changing the business model
The eLearning authoring world is still ruled by ‘old’ business rules. We made a first step to change this with our SaaS based subscription system. This is the next step. What Moodle did for the Learning Management Systems needs to be done for authoring systems as well. This free edition is our contribution to this process.

Click the image to go to the pre-registration form

Click the image to go to the preregistration form and read more about our free edition.


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