Kasper Spiro

I’m CEO of easygenerator. We are on a mission to bring E-Learning to the next level. See my linkedin profile for additional professional information.

You can contact me via K.Spiro@Easygenerator.com, Mail@KasperSpiro.Com, Skype (KasperSpiro) or you can tweet me @KasperSpiro. You can visit our corporate website Easygenerator.com.

Some private information. I live in the Netherlands in a small town called Ophemert. The area I live in is called ‘Rivierenland (Riverland), because three of the main European rivers flow through it. I live next to the river ‘Waal’. I live in an old fruit barn that we converted into a great house 16 years ago.

I live there with my wife Kinne. We were high school sweethearts and are now together for over 30 years. We have three sons. Merijn (23) is in his Fourth year of his study Artificial Intelligence at the university of Nijmegen, Nathan (20), just started a a study ‘International business’. Our youngest Kilian (18) is in his second year of a study to become a chef. His  ambition is to own his own restaurant some day.

As far as hobbies are concerned I love to travel, sport (running, tennis and some fitness), work in my garden and write this blog.

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